The Wizard of Oz

Catriona's Castle's The Wonderful Wizard of Ozincludes a roll out yellow brick road (fits under furniture, if needed), giant lollipops, witch's broom, oil can, Dorothy's basket, diploma, heart, badge of courage, wooden axe, window, witch's legs. and... ruby slippers. Costumes for 30 include Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Woodman, Auntie Em, Professor Marvel, Wizard, Glinda, Wicked Witch, flying monkeys, girl and boy munchkins, munchkin mayor, guards, Emerald City, witch's castle, fix-up ladies in the Emerald City, bluebird over the rainbow, and the twister!


Above Left was from drama class at Just For Kids, Georgetown, in a classroom.

Above Right was a fun venue booked by parents for a 5 year old's birthday party!  Catriona, the Fairy Godmother directed the birthday child and her friends in a performance of The Wizard of Oz , on stage, at The Little Theatre of Alexandria. 


Summer camp performance of The Wizard of Oz at "Arts Barn" in Kentlands, Gaithersburg, MD