Catriona's Castle's Cinderella has a kid-size pumpkin coach which is 4 ft. wide x 4 ft. high, It's flat and upright, and it sits in a corner. The soft-sculpture pumpkin is pulled off to reveal the coach, complete with door that opens, giving "Cinderella" the illusion of going to the ball!


Theatre set up is the same, in living rooms or large halls.

Other fun props include "glass" slippers, broom, Grand Duke's monocle, fans, giant scissors (If you were a little mouse, people scissors would look quite big.), King's scepter, and window. Costumes for 30 include Cinderella, stepmother, 2 stepsisters (Note: Catriona tells the children that stepmothers and stepsisters are usually nice people, just not this time.), King, Prince, Grand Duke, dog, cat, several mice, bluebirds, castle, butterflies, ladies at the ball, guards, messenger, coachman, footman, doorman, and Fairy Godmother. Cinderella has her work dress, dress made by the mice, and...hopefully a ball gown, assuming that the Fairy Godmother's magic can...poof...conjure up one! Parents and grandparents are welcome to join in the story!

Click on link for video clip of Cinderella and Prince dancing at the ball.



...After the performance! Cast of Cinderella Birthday Party in a church social room. Some children prefer not to be in the story. That's fine. They can always raise their hand, even in the middle of the story, if they change their mind and would like to be costumed.