The Sleeping Beauty

Catriona's Castle's The Sleeping Beauty theatre set-up has a 4 foot long kid-size bed and a real spinning wheel. Other fun props include the Prince's magic sword and shield, a cawing crow puppet, magic wands, and... a rose.


Costumes for 30 include the Princess, Queen, 2 Kings, Prince, several guards, Dragon, several Fairies, Witch Fairy, Castle, many animals in the forest, butterflies, flower, and a cottage. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join in the story.

Our version of the story is not scary. Catriona's Castle never uses words like death, kill, or poison. Young children do not need to hear those words in the story. The witch fairy's casts a spell saying that something terrible will happen to the princess and that only a "true loves kiss" can break the spell. We also tell the Prince that he doesn't really have to kiss Sleeping Beauty