Jack and the Beanstalk

Catriona's Castle's Jack and the Beanstalk includes a long winding beanstalk, giant's feet, bag of gold, magic hen with a surprise huge golden egg, window, cowbell, wooden axe (optional for schools), keys to the castle, and magic beans. Costumes for 30 include Jack, Jack's mother, cottage, cupboard, cow, man at the market with the magic beans, lady at the market, baker, baker's stand, jester, wizard, lamb, flowers, birds, butterflies, jumping bean, beanstalk, cloud, castle, castle guard, giant's wife, magic harp, gold keeper, hen keeper, and the big grumpy giant.

In telling the story, the fairy godmother emphasizes that Jack is a very honest boy. He would never take something that did not belong to him. The bag of gold, magic hen, and magic harp belonged to Jack and his mother, and had been stolen by the Giant. Our story version is not scary. The Giant says "Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!" However, there is no mention of grinding bones. After the beanstalk is cut down, the grumpy giant gently falls to the ground, bounces a few times, and runs away - never to be seen again. Jack and his mother share their gold with the village so that everyone has enough to eat, and they all live...happily ever after!