Treasure Island

atriona's Castle's Treasure Island, the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, is directed by The Queen of the Pirates, and includes Captain Flint's filled treasure chest! Other props include the ship's anchor, pirate swords (very carefully controlled!), Captain Flint the parrot, pieces of eight, the black spot, apple barrel, and more. 


Costumes for 30 include young Jim Hawkins, Mrs.Hawkins, Long John Silver, Squire Trelawney, Doctor Livesey, Captain Smolett, Ben Gunn, Blind Man, Pew, pirate ship, and the pirate crew. (Island ladies can be added, if needed.)

It's a great pirate tale, but a bit scary for children under age 6. Argh!

Treasure Island is usually directed by the Queen of the Pirates